Hi guys,

It’s always fun checking out amazingly decorated sims, and I must admit as of late whenever online it has been rather tricky finding new locations to check out. Well my dry spell seems to have come to a halt with the discovery of Mother Road. This place is an explorer and/or photographer’s paradise, and if you are in search of meeting new people this place was designed with you in mind. I don’t know about you but I truly can appreciate a desert location every now and then and this place did not disappoint. I loved the sparse grass and presence of catci. The sim designers truly brought this sim to life, kudos to them!

We all know that scenery plays an important part to a gorgeous photo, and included on the checklist for bomb pics is none other than poses.  I usually like to go around and see what is out there that will help bring my photos to life. I typically like to look a little chill but lately my inner diva has been pushing her way to the surface and I am welcoming her with open arms. Posemaniacs has been around for quite some time and I have always admired their poses and props and recently I find myself constantly revisiting their store to collect more and more of their sassy poses. I think this has become my favorite store for poses simply because they fit my body so well without a need to modify the pose which can be difficult to find when you are curvier than most.

Speaking of curves how cute is this dress? Kendrasy Creations released Janine Dress V1 not too long ago and how else could I bring someones hitchhiker fantasies to life but with this dress? I figure you ladies wont be hanging out on the side of roads like myself ahaha, but if youre planning to go to a club or bar this dress will have you standing out thats for sure. The Janine dress is such a tease and will have them booty cheeks hanging out so she’s definitely for the bold girls.


Hair – Truth Athena (September Group Gift)
Lashes – LIVIA::Wisp Lashes
Eyeshadow – Arise. Laura Eyeshadow 4
Lipstick – ARISE. Jenna Lips (Natural Tone 6)
Dress – :::KC::: Janine Dress V1
Heels – Pure Poison (@C88)


PM . Jedda 1
BellePoses – Luana (modified)

Taken @ Mother Road

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