Catch Feels

It’s been a while since I have been able to spend a significant amount of time inworld. Yesterday I finally got the chance to go around and check out some of the sights a.k.a. shopping 😀 ! While online I paid a visit to the Chapter Four as well as the Arcade and I’ve noticed more designers have changed the style of their vendor photos to that of a more…sterile and crisp look which is interesting. What do you all think of the current influx of vendor photo changes from some clothing designers? I know that at the end of the day the products being showcased are still amazing quality, and my somewhat traditionalist point of views are definitely poking through, but for some reason I do enjoy seeing actual sl avatars modeling with the clothes on. I also noticed while visiting the Arcade that new designers I have yet to hear about were there which were pretty refreshing to see. While I do like a new wave of designers there will always be a core base of shops that I will always hold near and dear (here I go again LOL).

Iconic has released a flirty new group gift called Promise. This hair is super detailed, as always with her hairs, but what takes this to another level are the amount of fitting options. Included in this pack are options for fitted, Slink Hourglass, Freya and to my utter surprise…SKING! This is the first hair designer, heck any major designer in general, that has offered a fitting option for Sking so I felt that was so cool. If you are not familiar with SKing, they are a mesh body and implant store that offers mesh body parts for those who are seeking a more voluptuous look. Sking tends to offer clothing for their bodies and of course it is Omega compatible, but I have yet to truly see any of the top creators of Second Life offering much for this body. I could basically hear all of the Sking body wearers rejoicing ahaha. Atop of all of the fitting options Iconic has also offered a styler hud as well as all of the color options you can choose from.


Eyeshadow – Alaskametro “Cairo” Eyeyshadow – Catwa
Lipstick – Arise. Nici Lipstick Set 2 (Chapter 4)
Shirt – :::KC::: Maggie Top
Jeans – Addams // Mesh Ornella High Rise Jeans // N*12
Heels – [BREATHE]-Dani Heels-Pale Rose {Gacha@ Chapter 4)

Photo taken At: LEA27 The Sacred Treasure of Elven

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