I Don’t Usually Do This

I know I know, I have been really m.i.a. lately but I have been a busy bee and sometimes time away gives you a fresh outlook on things. I am still rocking the Belleza Freya Body happily lately and by chance I made my way to their mainstore recently and noticed that you can now buy each body separately now! So if that 5000L price tag is a bit too much for you or maybe you are a interested in one particular body, now theres an option to buy the Venus, Isis, or Freya bodies alone for 2499. They do offer a lite or full version to choose from as well.

Since deciding to wear my Freya body more often I have noticed that more clothing designers are beginning to support this body more which is beyond exciting to me because I do love the more natural curves of this body than others. Kendrasy Creations for a while now has been one of those designers and has yet to let me down. Today’s dress that I am wearing, Regina is one of those and with an amazing selection of colors and prints I can definitely see this dress becoming one of my warm weather go to’s.


Doe: Spring Breeze FIT (twotone) – Monotone (@whimsical)
:::Kendrasy Creations::: Regina Dress
::Hucci:: Highgate Sandal – (Subscriber Gift)


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