Guys! I am so thrilled to have found out that The Dressing Room is back and better than ever! Upon hearing the awesome news I immediately took a tp over and took a look around. There are so many stores that I love and even some that I had yet to know about. Riot is a new brand that I am becoming familiar with and I already know that this will be the beginning of something wonderful. Look at these jeans! They are so casual I just love them to shreds and did I tell you all that each color comes with a version to wear with high feet or flat feet? Yes this is my jean dream come true! Lately I have been rocking the Belleza Freya body and I have noticed that so many designers have warmed back up to offering sizing for it.

No matter what body we all decide to wear within second life we all need to wear an applier for something be it tattoos, makeup, clothing and the list goes on and on. This round of Applique Alaskametro has brought the spring colors to us with her latest applier shirt, Norma. I really love the fact that she gives three different style options per colors. Did I mention the color options? Available at the event you can purchase Norma in twelve colors. Colors such as brown, beige, and black for those who like to have staple colors in their wardrobe and if you like to have a little spice there’s yellow as well as pink, mint and coral to name a few. Applique runs from May 15th-June 8th


Hair – Pink Hustler disordered hair-11 // #1 Rare (@ Sanarae)
Necklace – Izzie’s D Message Necklace
Stretch Marks – Honey B’s – Stretch Marks
Shirt – Alaskametro<3 Norma Shirt – Yellow omega appliers (@ Applique)
Jeans – RIOT / Leia Long Line Jeans
Sneakers – Hucci bow Sneaker – May 2017 Gift

Poses – Kirin Kimi

Photo Taken @ Devin

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