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Happy Sunday!

I hope yall weekend has been wonderful! As promised I wanted to  kind of do an updated discussion on the bento heads out there and give my personal thoughts on the ones that I have tested and now own. Before I hop into mesh head talk I wanted to point out my gorgeous tresses are from Iconic. Rebel is the second curly hair re-release and is available at the Iconic main store so if you love it just as much as I do go check it out.

Now onto that huge elephant in the room, my Catwa head. Let me just start by saying that I had a personal tug of war when it came to deciding to switch heads until eventually reaching my breaking point. After wearing my Genesis Lab head for some time I did love the amazing cheekbones and facial features of the Eva head however I did not like the limited makeup and accessories for that particular brand. I remember visiting a well known makeup event and noticing that the heads supported were primarily Catwa and Lelutka. For those who are not familiar with Genesis Labs, they are not supported under the Omega “umbrella” which can truly limit options.

Also being an avatar of color I feel as if it is limited finding things  already to begin with,  so to add on a new set of limitations was just too much for me and I had to explore my horizons. I am not saying that Genesis Lab doesn’t offer a wide range of skins or have makeup options, but what I am saying is that there is a glass ceiling to items I can use with my Eva head. Lastly I mentioned in my previous post on this topic that I had been experiencing some noticeable changes to my facial features from day to day which became very frustrating as well as confusing. I have yet to figure out a fix for this issue so it was just best to make a transition to another head.

 With all of the above things on my mind I found myself demoing multiple mesh heads and among the options a top pick was the Lelutka Simone bento head. As promised, I did revisit my demo of Simone and while it is a gorgeous head I did not feel like myself the second time of testing it out. With sadly Lelutka out of the running I turned my attention begrudgingly back to Catwa. I had not returned to Catwa since learning of the price of Catya however with her recent releases I was truly hoping for a price drop. At the time of casually shopping the mesh head market Catwa had released several new bento releases and Lilo was one of them. While still sticking to my values I could not help but have a twinge of curiosity. Not long after I found myself eagerly demoing this head and checking prices in hopes of a price drop. Luckily Lilo was the standard price for her heads, 5,000L, which is more obtainable in my opinion. So I got ballsy and bought it!

If you all happen to follow Catwa’s Flickr you will see she is very active with her customers and fans. I remember seeing her mentioning an upcoming release with more ethnic features and Lilo has to be it! This head had fuller features and great cheek bones which had drawn me to my first head. While it took some time for me to find the perfect skin for her, I do believe I am finally at a happy place with this bento mesh head. Also strangely enough I have not experience any deforming issues with this head thus far which makes me one happy lady!

Lashes – Deesses Boutique Luxe Lashes
Hair – Iconic Rebel Re-Remy
Top – Blueberry – luxe box Feb -Cutietop
Jeans – Addams – Mesh Ornella High Rise Jeans
Shoes – REIGN.– Mini Slips – Fatpack
Earrings – Hucci Puff Earring
Skin – Pink Fuel Sabine Java
Eyeshadow – Pink Fuel Smokey Boudoir
Lipstick- Pink Fuel Glossy Pout
Nails – Gorgeous Dolls Savage Doll Slay – Multi Mani Pack – Vista Bento Hands

Mesh Body Parts
Mesh Eyes – Eyes – GA.EG Ultimate Eyes
Mesh Head – Catwa Lilo
Mesh Body – Slink Hourglass
Mesh Hands – Vista Animations Bento
Mesh Feet – Slink Deluxe female mesh

Location – Meraki Island

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