My Two Cents on Bento


Hey Girls!

I hope your new year is off to an amazing start! I am back and with some amazing things to to spill the juice to you all about. As you can see, judging from my new face and hands, I have been fiddling around with Bento and have been chomping at the bit to give you all my own two cents on this whole Bento business. Seeing as it has been close to two weeks of testing and messing around, trying out mesh heads and hand demos and ensuring that this was the perfect route for me at this point in time. Let me start off by saying that the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion… Well depending on how you look at things. So with that all being said let me dive right in.

I tried several demos of mesh heads, from Catwa Catya, Lelutka Simone 2.0, Altamura Aggie, several Akeruka mesh heads, then finally Genesis Lab Eva. The fantastic part about Bento is the ability to feel like an individual once again while wearing gorgeous mesh and of all the mesh heads that I demoed I truly loved the Genesis Lab Eva mesh head. Each of the demos mentioned above have amazing pronounced features be it the lips or the nose. However in my opinion the Eva mesh head from Genesis Lab by far won. The profile of this head, when looking from the side is amazing and I absolutely love the jawline. The sliders are also very responsive.

Comparing Genesis Lab Eva to Catwa Catya, both are very responsive to the sliders and while the lips on Catwa Catya are stunning and heart shaped I do not like that this head does not come with the facial animations for the hefty 5000L price tag. One would have to pay an additional 5000L for the animations hud which I think is a bit over the top. While I know some bloggers and avid SL shoppers will be at my door step with pitch forks and torches I must stay true to myself and you lovely folks. Not everyone can afford large pricetag like that, myself included, unless I just gotta have it. I mention Catwa’s head simply because out of all the heads I demoed it does not include animations in the pricing. However overall the mesh heads I did try all were amazing with design. The creators truly offered an amazing product to their customers.

A downfall to Bento for me thus far is the fact that from time to time I notice that my face looks completely different from the shape that I created for myself. This has happened countless times over the course of the two weeks of me messing around with my Genesis Lab head. Initially I wondered if it was this particular head however upon me inquiring on Plurk if any other ladies have come into this same issue several girls swiftly responded with understanding. Supposedly you can reset your shape with right clicking your avi and selecting Appearance>Reset>Skeleton. Now this trick wasn’t quite successful for me however upon teleporting to another location I did notice that my face reset to the shape I created…weird! Seeing as this is the first release of Bento viewers there is always bound to be slight hiccups. With time I am sure it will be fixed.



Lingerie – PurpleMoon:: Bambi Bodysuit Blue/yellow(@ Designer Showcase)
Shoes – phedora. andromeda boots
Hair – Truth VIP – January  (500L group join fee)
Skin- IT Girls – Genesis Lab Skin Applier –  Ivy Cocoa (@ Genesis Lab Mainstore)

Mesh Body Parts
Head & Eyes – Genesis Lab – Eva Bento Mesh Head w/ Eyes
Mesh Body – Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
Hands – Vista Animations Bento Hands
Nails – Savage Doll Slay (Multi Mani Pack) – Vista Bento Prohands

Poses & Decor

Chair & Mirror –  [Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Large Mirror(G)
Pose – Verocity Poetic Pose Set

6 thoughts on “My Two Cents on Bento

  1. Hey Jezzy! Love the photos. I’m with you on the bento prices, it can get pretty expensive fast depending on which head(s) you go for. I loved Catwa’s Catya but ended up going with Lelutka since the shape customization seemed so much nicer on it. Speaking of, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the skeleton! Are you using the default viewer? I haven’t run into that problem yet with Firestorm. Regardless, I bet it’ll be fixed soon.


    1. Hey Asia! I am so glad that you enjoyed this post. I use Firestorm and have been having that issue for a while now. I loved Lelutka’s head and it was my second choice..dont be surprised if you catch me with it as well. Now I am wondering, seeing as you havent had the issue of the face changing if possibly it is the head once more? We shall see! Till then I will be awaiting an update to the viewer.

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      1. Ahh sorry for the double post, my phone didn’t show the first go through! I’m curious if it is a head issue or maybe an issue with how Firestorm responds with it. Ahh the joys of new releases!


  2. Hey Jezzy! I totally feel ya on the price of bento heads. They can get so expensive! I loved Catwa’s animations but unless Annie ends up with a bento version I think I’ll end up staying with Lelutka. The slider effects just feel so much smoother. In regards to your skeleton issues, are you using the default viewer? I haven’t noticed any problems while using Firestorm. Regardless, I bet it’ll get fixed soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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