Deco(C)rate Is Here!

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know about you all but I have been really slow and selective about jumping on the subscription box bandwagon  within Secondlife. Not because I do not like the creators involved. But mainly because the price is hefty, most are 1500L and up, as well as the fact that you will not know what is inside. I am not a gambling woman ahaha but finally one  had my interest upon the first announcement and that is the home and decor subscription box Deco(C)rate. To learn more about Decor(C)rate visit the MadPea Productions website.

Deco(c)rate was announced a month prior to the first launch which is today and I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to be apart of. Several of my favorite home and decor creators are involved and for a total of 15 items for 1500L you just cant beat that. If you are one to wait until the crates are released before purchasing you may still buy this months crate but for a hefty price. After the release each month the price for the crate will bump up to 3000L. To help you all decide if this might be something for you I figured I would take you along for the ride with my first subscription box unpacking. Fun right?!


My first impression was wow this is so cool and really detailed. You start by clicking the case and then it opens with a really cool realistic suitcase sound. On the left side of the case you will find drawers with your items inside, and to the right you will find your thank you letter, a button to click to receive all of your items, a delete button, and a group join button. The Deco(C)rate team took great care creating this boxing and just the overall attention to detail is amazing which for presentation alone I say this crate is well worth the price.

I have listed below all of the items included within this months box as well as my top 5 favorites. I had to switch locations from my little closet to a platform for more room and to better showcase the items for you all. Seeing as there are so many things to see inside of this crate I am only showing you  the five I have picked  as the top items in my opinion. Keep in mind the majority of my items are not necessarily furniture, but included inside this months crate are sofas, home decor clutter, a home/skybox and a bunch of things that would be considered outdoor decorations. My top five favorites are all amazing but I must admit it was rather difficult narrowing it down to just five out of the list of 15.

Without further delay check out my Top 5 Favorites and the official items list for Deco(C)rate November 2016! I hope you all enjoyed this post and talk to you soon!

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Deco(C)rate Top 5 Favorites

1. .random.Matter. – Book of Sorrows -1Li

2. [ keke ] still falling rowan arch w/blow me away leaves-6Li/1Li

3. BackBone Weathered Street Clock and Lanterns – 6Li/2Li

4. Raven Wood : Charmed Archway & Fence Set 13Li/2Li

5. Pewpew! Swing Bench Hideaway 17Li

Deco(C)rate November 2016 Items

1. Random Matter – Book of Sorrows
2. Revival – Shelter from the rain
3. [keke] – blown away rowan set
4. Ex Machinima – Kensington Gazebo
5. Raven Wood – Charmed Archway & Fence Set
6. Schultz Bros. – Rustic Entryway – Rainy Day
7. Botanical – Umbrella Light + Wearable
8. Second Spaces – Rainy Day Nook
9. GOOSE – Fortress Pergola
10. {anc} – In the rain drop lamp
11. Backbone – Weathered Street clock & Lanterns
12. ARIA – Brynn Leather Sofa
13. Pewpew! – Swing Bench Hideaway
14. 8f8 – no place of ours – Autumnal Box
15. :CP: – Alexandria Loft Conversion

– What I’m Wearing –
Hair – Beusy: “Patter” [Dusk]
Oversized Shirt – Addams // Natalia Boyfriend shirt // Purple
Pose – an la [poses] The Anais Mini Series
Belle Poses – Evan

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