Can you tell I love this hot tub/pool? 😀


Hey hey!

As a warning this blog post will be super beefy with so many goodies to talk about from my adventures at Sanarae to the latest mesh releases so grab a drink and lets get this party started.

I was told there were going to be gifts for Sanarae’s 1 year anniversary but I had no clue it was going to be this epic. There’s so many items from home goods, clothing, poses and so on. It’s been a while since coming upon a plethora of bangin gifts and I truly appreciate all of the designers who offered such amazing  gifts for the Sanare’s anniversary.  I literally screamed when I unpacked this amazing hot tub pictured above.  It’s rather large in size which I dont mind so it reminds me more of a pool than anything. As you can see there’s steam options and theres also sounds. Did I mention this bad boy sits 8 avis?! Yes folks 8 people and it’s a lower land impact than my other traditional looking hot tub. Beware, you do have to use the terraforming tool in order to get the ideal look but I am sure you could use your creativity to elevate it. While I love this gift, trust me when I say that there are plenty of items… too many to talk about here so you really have to go see for yourself.

 As for new releases Kendrasy is at it again with her latest Aisha dress release. We all know how with the change of seasons things can get a little awkward when it comes to fashion. Have no fear KC has us covered with this gorgeous knotted dress. As you can see she is now offered deep rich colors for those who are eager for the Autumn season such as myself. There are also color and pattern options on the hud for those who love to live in perpetual summer weather. I thought I was pretty mesh bodypart saavy however it seems one mesh head creator seems to have slipped through my fingers. GA.EG recently released a really neat mesh eye collection and let me just say this definitely kicks things up a few notches. These eyes were so easy to get adjusted once worn. No edit menu needed and in each pack are 9 eye color options everything is done via the free hud (you pay 1L and it is then refunded).  There is also a really neat option to add your own personal textures in the customization tab. If all that wasnt cool enough, the best thing of all is the price of these eyes. They’re currently priced at 238L when you join the Gaeline Creations free group. For a set of 9 color options and a tricked out hud…that is a mega deal.

Hair – Foxy – Fyre Hair (Natural Ombres)
Dress – :::KC::: Aisha Dress
Choker –SECRETS- Pearl Choker – Gold (@ Sanarae)
Lipstick – Deesses Boutique: CATWA – Bussie lipstick set (5 colors)
Tan Lines – alaskametro❤ bikini tanlines – Maitreya (@Revamped)

Mesh Eyes – [GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes (Supernova)
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Mesh Head – Catwa Amelie Head

Pose – La Baguette Colombe 5 (@ Sanarae)

Hotub – ~isil~ Somerset – Jacuzzi (gift @ Sanarae)

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